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Davidson’s offers you tailor-made solutions throughout the European Continent. Our teams are dedicated to offer you the best solution for ground delivery. The whole range of transport services is available, covering dedicated vehicles, groupage traffic and a vast distribution network.


Davidson’s allies with the best carriers around the world. Our team manages complex and time-sensitive shipping provocations through careful planning and well-tested workflows. Whether you need a consolidated or direct air services, our team is qualified to route your cargo to and from any point in the world. Different options may be available for a competitive and reliable air freight service.

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With a complete range of sea freight services, we handle large or small volumes in a wise way so that the delivery service will be competitive in every major trade lane between Europe, Far East, Middle East and other parts of the world. Through our strong worldwide shipping connections and extreme flexibility, we can specifically answer to any shipping need you may have.

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To support our activities - sea, air and road - we have warehousing facilities in all our locations. We can offer cross-dock facilities, inbound-outbound and bonded warehouse. We offer long term and short-term storage solutions and tailor-made warehouse services by working closely with you.

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We are here to help you through the complexities of international trade logistics. Our team is here for you to connect the dots between countries, cultures and international borders. We take care of international or local supplier contact, shipping, customs, warehousing and delivery to your nominated location, leaving you able to focus on other aspects of your business.

We offer consulting services for

  • Logistics needs

  • Customs - import/export to the EEC zone

  • VAT issues -Legalities regarding vat on import or export from EEC.

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Davidson’s takes care of all Customs formalities for exporting or importing goods to or from any country. Let our customs experts manage your customs needs using a wide range of high-level and compliant customs services and in this way you may lower both risks and cost.


Our trade department is servicing selected clients that are required to purchase raw materials for manufacturing from within the EEC area and need VAT support.

We Also act as a Purchase company for goods purchases on the EEC for export.

Contact us for more details.

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We're ready to be at your service

Davidson’s can handle any good to be shipped no matter the destination on the globe. We are the ideal partner when it comes to assisting in your import and export operations. You can trust us with your cargo.

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