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Important notes pertaining to this quote, please read carefully: -

This Service offer is provided to you by Davidson as Freight Forwarders.

* This Service offer is as per details provided if any of the markers will change- as pcs, weight, volume or 

    status (stackable or non-stackable) will affect the final rate accordingly.
* This is AD HOCK service offer for service under the defined terms, is time-limited and cannot be seen as

    regular ongoing services offer.
* Customs clearance is dependent upon the accuracy of the equipment manifests provided by the client.-

   exporter or importer -we cannot be held responsible for any costs or delays caused by inaccurate manifests.
* Duties, taxes (including VAT for moves within Europe), temporary import bonds or other associated customs 

   fees and documentation are excluded unless otherwise indicated. All will be invoiced at cost and payable in

    addition if applied.
* Please be aware that the carrier liability for insurance of equipment in transit (by air, road or sea) is minimal   

    and we strongly recommend that you arrange suitable insurance cover through your own broker (to include

    adequate marine transit insurance). Additional and specific insurance has not been quoted or included in

    this quotation, therefore you are not insured other than the b/l-awb insurance. Insurance can be arranged        upon request.
* For Lcl shipment exceeding 50,000 USD value, require special insurance.
* This Service offer is based on current rates of exchange, fuel and war risk surcharges and may be subject to      availability and/or fluctuation in the international market at the time of shipping.
* All rates and charges quoted are subject to VAT where applicable.
* Due to the current political climate, Davidson Group cannot be held responsible for delays caused by acts of

    war or terrorism, natural disasters, strikes, or for changes in price due to fuel cost increases, change of

    flight or sailing schedules etc.
* All Service offers are exclusive of shipping container demurrage, port storage, airline storage or other

     alternatives off-site storage of equipment and/or empty packing materials, prior to, during or after an event.

Please ensure that all your equipment is suitably packed and protected for the relevant mode of transport. Any special handling requirements – to include fragile or especially high-value items, should be specified to DAVIDSON INTERNATIONAL GROUP BV, prior to collection and please make sure that the correct markings are clearly identified on each side of each box/case – to include “Do Not Tip”, “Fragile” etc.

Further guidance on labelling and packing can be provided by DAVIDSON INTERNATIONAL GROUP BV – please contact us to discuss if required.

All provided services are made under the Terms and conditions for forwarders by BZE- ""Organisation Of International Logistic Service Providers " Deposited at the Registry of the District Court In Rotterdam on January 7, 2003.


Other Terms
-Rates are always applicable for Stackable cargo, which is considered Standard:

standard cargo has the following measurements:

Length less than 3.00 m, Height less than 2.00 m, Width less than 1.20 m ,

Weight is less them 750 kg/pallet.

unless Dimensions are defined otherwise in the Service Offer .

All Transit are provided as Estimation as All subject to space availability of carriers..

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