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We are here to help you through the complexities of international trade logistics. Our team is here for you to connect the dots between countries, cultures and international borders. We take care of international or local supplier contact, shipping, customs, warehousing and delivery to your nominated location, leaving you able to focus on other aspects of your business.

We offer consulting services for

  • Logistics needs

  • Customs - import/export to the EEC zone

  • VAT issues -Legalities regarding vat on import or export from EEC.


As a Registred consolidator to African destinations, Davidson Group is providing PRE INSPECTION services to export to African destinations, 

pre-inspection is a Basic demand in many AFRICAN destinations for making import- 

Contact us for details


Davidson’s takes care of all Customs formalities for exporting or importing goods to or from any country. Let our customs experts manage your customs needs using a wide range of high-level and compliant customs services and in this way, you may lower both risks and costs.

We provide customs support in Romania, The Netherlands, Austria, Germany, Greece, and Hungary for air/ocean/land logistics.

  • Customs compliance – product classification, , import/export controls, and license agreements.

  • Collaboration with trade partners – Efficiently share bookings, document creation, and commodity information

  • Planning and sourcing decisions – Duties and tariff preferences, non-tariff barriers, estimated landed cost


Our trade department is servicing selected clients that need to purchase row materials for manufacturing from within the EEC area and need vat support.

We are offering as well consulting services for purchasing and exporting goods within the EEC area for overseas clients

We're here to advise you!
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